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Sosua is home to a growing number of expat entrepreneurs. Some are semi-retired but still wish to work, while others need the money to supplement passive or retirement income. And many need the income to meet their basic living expenses required to live in the DR.

One of the main attractions of these businesses in Sosua (and to that extent the nearby cities of Cabrera, Cabarete and Puerto Plata) is that they presumably offer a higher level of quality and reliability than their local counterparts. At least there are shared cultural expectations in most cases. And that's no little matter. The anger and feeling of betrayal when a deal's "gone bad" has costs far greater than the financial aspects.

Sosua has a small town feel because it is a small town! Hopefully expats can find other expats with whom to buy/sell/trade and simulateously avoid "get the gringo" prices. Which is another reason to "buy foreign".

On the whole, Sosua will become a more habitable and safe place for foreigners if the proportion of foreigners to locals increases. Further, there's likewise no harm to remaining friendly and communicative with one another so that we can protect and promote our mutual interests in a place where individually one clearly has a relatively compromised political position.